I’m an intensely curious person. When I discover something that sparks my interest, I examine it to the very end. That was the case with games and sports in my youth, my main adult hobby, improv comedy, as well as many other intellectual pursuits.

Fortunately, I’m now able to satisfy my curiosity with my work. I get to explore and write about subjects that I find engaging for a living. Science is a field about discovery; it attracts curious people. That’s probably why I love learning and writing about it. But I’m interested in many subjects — cities, literature, and culture, to name a few. That’s probably why I have a diverse portfolio.

Detroit also attracts curious people. It’s a city with a fascinating and fraught history. Though there’s still a great deal of suffering today, it’s also filled with potential and new ideas. I’m from Metro Detroit and moved back to the city in 2009 after a stint teaching English in Japan. While I might one day move or temporarily relocate to report a story, Detroit will always be my home.